Attractions in Noszvaj

Noszvaj and its surroundings has several hiking destinations, Shorter and longer routes as well. 

Recomnded trips in the nearby

  • Síkfőkút – Novaji kunyhó – Várhegy – Attila kút – Síkfőkút
  • Síkfőkút – Imány-tető – Kerek domb – Patkó hegy – Síkfőkút
  • Síkfőkút, Tórét- Attila-kút-Várkút- Kövesdi-kilátó- Vasbánya-tető- Novaji kunyhó Síkfőkút
  • Várkút- Kövesdi-kilátó- Vasbánya-tető, Felsőtárkány – Novaji-kunyhó, Cseres-tető- Síkfőkút 20 km 

With car to Cserépfalu and then a walking tour to the hive stones.

Attractions in Noszvaj

An exhibition of ethnography and industrial and cultural history, called Magtár-Értéktár, opened in the Magtár Fogadó. A private collection of more than 1,500 items of the the 18-20. century tools can be viewed. The de la Motte Castle is a miniature masterpiece of Hungarian castle construction, which is now available to visitors as a castle museum. The building is surrounded by an extensive English garden.

From the beginning of the 19th century, cave and cellar dwellings have been created in Noszvaj. Rhyolite tuff provided the opportunity and the large-scale impoverishment to create theese special building  From Eger to Miskolc. Today, with a few exceptions, the cave dwellings are already uninhabited, and there is a creative colony in the south-eastern part of the village, called “Pocem”.

The Farmhouse is a building that reflects the characteristics of local architecture, and presents the local history. Most of the traditional programs of Noszvaj are held in the court of it. On these programs, regional delicacies are cooked in the Beehive ovens. The most famous festival is the „Plum Days” at the end of August, with the tradition way of plum jam cooking.

Nature and man made lakes of Síkfőkút lies to the north of Noszvaj, in the valley of the Kánya stream, which is embracesed around with picturesque forests and mountain. The St. Imre spring and the tourist house next to it are the original Síkfőkút. The upper lake tempts visitors in the summer for boating, pedal boating, the lower lake for fishing, and the lake for picnics. The air of Noszvaj – Síkfőkút is one of the cleanest in Hungary.

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