Wellness area - Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj ***

Saunas & pool - Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj***

Saunas & pool

Swimming pool: outdoor, indoor temperature: 26 Celsius. Size: 60 m2 water surface. Water depth: 0.6 – 1.6m.

Jakuzzi: indoor, water temperature: 36 degrees. Capacity 4 people.


  • 2 Finnish saunas
  • 1 Stream cabine
  • 1 Infra cabine

Plunge pool
1 Punge pool 20 degreese

Other facilities: salt room, rest room, salt room for children

Opening hours:  every day 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Day Spa:
The use of saunas and pools is also available for our external guests, depending on our hotel occupancy.

Appointment: +36-30-268-164 vagy 36-780-420

Price: 2500-Huf/people / day


This happens whith us after a refreshing wellness

Beneficial effects of sauna: supports detoxification, immune booster, excellent stress reliever, reduces the risk of heart disease. That is, it lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen supply, stimulates blood circulation, thereby supporting the health of our heart.

Infrared sauna: releases deposited and unnecessary chemicals and toxins from the deeper layers of our body. Infrared rays release not only water but also excess fat, heavy metals, and other chemicals during sweating.

Steam cabin: hot steam helps to warm up the joints, the range of motion of the joints increases.

Salt Room: We can have a beneficial effect on the health of the respiratory system, especially recommended for smokers, and in relieving respiratory problems caused by polluted air and smog.

Whirlpool: during use the body relaxes and in addition to relaxing, it also relieves muscle pain.

Massage helps to overcome stress. It supports the locomotor system, relaxes the body and soul.

The sauna area and the pools are only accessible by stairs.

Our massages

Massage service

Panoráma relax

20 perces frissítő masszázs


Gyümölcsös frissesség

Szőlőmagolaj, kókusz-csokoládé

30 perc  – 5900-Ft
50 perc – 8700-Ft

túrázók kedvence

Talp és lábmasszázs

40 perc – 6900-Ft 

Aroma olajos masszázs

Borsmenta, citromfű

30 perc – 5900-Ft
50 perc – 8700-Ft

Gyógymasszázs krémmel 

30 perc – 5900-Ft

50 perc – 8300-Ft

20 perc –  4300-Ft

30 perc – 5500-Ft

Teljes testmasszázs

80 perc – 12.800-Ft

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